Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Work Life.

Has been working in Penang for 5 months.... Do i like my job? I still do not know the answer...yet. The workload is not much, but i can feel the stress already.....especially when the job is not done and the deadline is near. I hate this feeling. Maybe is because of my incompetency, or i just not suitable for this job. I can't imagine how the workload would be if i really become a permanent worker here(only if i have the chance to be converted, lol). Some said that world out there is much more tougher, maybe i should be thankful? haha. Well, that's working life, have to face it no matter what, right? It's time for us to grow up and carry our responsibility. This is the transition state, got to stay hard and let go all the honeymoon time in Uni... :)
Good luck to all my friends who pursuing their career~

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Its been a while since i last updated my blog. Ya, i know, the last post was about half a year ago. =.=||| I was really busy for the past few months, and also writing a new post require some ideas, inspiration and also depends on mood....

Working in penang for almost 3 months already. If you ask me how i feel about penang, i would say its really a nice place to settle down. But i still prefer my hometown if u ask me to choose between penang and my hometown, because of friends and family. But life isn't that simple, its not that you always get what you want or what you choose. It still depends on many factors as well. Some of my friends already start changing their job. Some might think you give up easily, other might think its not worth to continue for what you are not interested at. So there is no right or wrong, it really depends on how you look at it. But one thing for sure, once you decided, there is no turning back. So never compare with the road not taken. You never know how it ends up.

Most of the time we really don't know whether we have choose the right path, and sometimes we do doubt about it and start to compare with other people. And when we start comparing, many negative question starts to form, why other people can have a better life than me, why i always have to be the unlucky one, why this and why that. This is life. We do what is within our ability, and anything beyond that..we have to leave it to god. Life is never fair, but whats the point of keep remembering the unfair event that hit us. I'm not that noble, i do have emotion, i do angry and frustrated sometimes, but what can we do? The only thing we can do its let it go and stop comparing negatively. Its hard to practice this in life, but at least we can try. :)


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

Hei yo, happy new year everyone! This year is gonna be a tough year for me. I'm stepping into a new chapter of my life. And this is huge for me, because any decision i made will definitely lead me to different way of life in my future. Career, is all i'm talking about. Its making me excited and headache at the same time. Perhaps u seen me blog about this before, but i seriously worry about it. I just hope everything is gonna be fine. I don't know whether i'm ready to take this challenge, but one thing for sure is that, we got to do it no matter what. Ok, thats for now. Gong Xi Fa Cai ya~ Huat ah!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I wish...

When we were little kids, what we did was only play, eat and sleep. That's the most enjoyable moment in our life. No worries, no stress. But somehow, we always wish that we can grow up faster and become an adult, so that we can do something where kids cant. You know, like entering casino, watch 18+ rated movies in cinema, and many more. When we were teenagers, we cant wait to get our driving license and fetch our buddies speeding around the town. Then we move on to our college life, leaving home town for the first time, learn to be independent, make new friends, falling in love and so on. Sounds like the process of growing up is full of excitement and sparkling. But there is a trade off for it. As we grow older, we slowly become another person. What i mean is, we starting to have secrets, we pretend, and we tell lies. I believe everyone of you have your own secrets. I, myself have certain secrets that my parents don't even know about it. Its kinda pathetic when you have no place or no one to speak out something that have been stored for a very long time in your mind. Maybe i just too afraid to tell it out. Coward perhaps, whatever you name it. We can never be as simple as we were little kids anymore. Maybe from another point of view, we can say that having secret is a sign of maturity of mind.

We start to appreciate our kids era only after we had gone through our teenage or adult era. Its sad right? And life doesn't has a second chance. Whatever happens in the past is already history. By the way, if you haven't watch "The Click", watch it. Its a movie in year 2006, i think. It was really a touching and meaningful movie. Strongly recommended.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blog? Diary?

Taiwan was really nice. i miss the people and weather there. And the best thing of all, we can totally forget about all the head-scratching workload. Throughout the 14 days, what we did was wake up, play, eat and sleep. Its like living in a world without worries, and full of happiness. Now everything has come back to normal. Assignment, lectures, fyp and the most worrying thing, job hunting.
Many things had happen recently. And at the same time i also realized something. Someone once told me that blogging is fake and unreal because most of us don't express our real feeling and thoughts in our blog. No doubt, this is true. This is because we care about how people look at us. So we don't show up the evil side of ourselves. I admit that i don't fully express my thoughts in my blog. Because i definitely don't want people to see the bad characteristics of mine, and even worse, spread it around my friends. But this doesn't mean that its totally a lie. We just filter out something and maybe add in some salt and sugar so that everyone can enjoy reading it. Just like a film maker, when it says "This is based on true story", it doesn't mean that it is 100% based on true story. Maybe some people will fully express themselves in their blog. For these people, i truly respect them. Its their decision to make their blog private or public. After all, blog is something like a digital diary. Its your right to do whatever u want with it, so no hard feelings about it :)
Celebrated my birthday with my fellow coursemates last week. So sorry for not bringing any luck to you guys in Genting.. But i really glad and happy for the celebration party at Sunway. It was really a special celebration and thanks for all the wishes from my friends.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcome to Taiwan

From planning, organizing, preparing, and departing, the whole process took about 7 months. I had experience many first times in this trip. For example, first time fly by air, traveling overseas, hot spring, seeing panda and many more. From full of expectation to worries, curiousness, excitement and happiness. This trip was amazing. A picture is worth a thousand words meaning, so lets take a quick tour with the photos below :)

We went to many places in taiwan, first 3 days in taipei,

then we move to kenting,

then tai nan,

follow by pu li , qing jing,

After that is my favourite, he huan shan,

next station : hua lian, tai lu ke.

Hualian Ocean Park,

After that, we went back to taipei. The following destination:
Ji Long, Jiu fen

Zoo taipei, hotspring, taipei 101.

It was really an awesome trip. Thanks kar chun for everything he had contribute in this trip and also who had join this trip. This would definitely be one of my best moment in my life.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Final Sem

Kevin, u did a great job for "inviting" all the course mate to PD trip. It reminds me of the cameron trip last time. I never thought we would have another chance to go for a trip with so many course mates involved. Really thanks to him. He deserves the credits. Its already my final sem in upm. I just starting to get used to the environment, but now i have to say goodbye to it. I do enjoy my time in Uni. Unfortunately, its all coming to an end now. I wonder why some of my friends dislike their life in Uni. I truly cannot understand them. Maybe they haven't experience the "real" working environment out there. In uni, you don't get scold by your boss, you can have afternoon nap anytime you want, you can skip class whenever you want. What i'm talking here is about freedom of life! Everything's gonna be different when you got yourself a permanent job. Everyday from monday to friday, 8am-6pm. And the worst thing is you cant simply change your job even if you don't like it because you got a family to feed. It turns from worst to disaster when a baby pop out in your life! The burden, responsibility is so heavy that you cant even let yourself down for a second.
It terrifies me when i think about my future. Where will i be working? What kind of job? Will there be a job for me? All these uncertainties is drowning me. Plus the pressure from my brother, family expectation. This even worsen the situation. I hate this...